RG4500 Hydraulic Pipe Grab

Empfohlene Baggergröße 22 bis 27 t
Empfohlene Baggergröße 22 bis 27 t

With exchangeable shells and shifting device

Recommended excavator size 20 to 27 t.

The modern way to lay pipes easily and precisely. With the Predatore RG4500, pipes made of concrete, metal or plastic, for example, can be picked up and joined together hydraulically easily and precisely. The hydraulic pipe grab with shifting device consists of a basic grab and two formwork sets (small/large) designed for grabbing and laying pipes with a diameter of 300 to 700 mm or 600 to 1400 mm. The gripper shells are changed, attached or removed by means of the gripper shell holder located on the base frame.

The pipes are picked up and laid directly from the hydraulic excavator. The gripper shells and the supports arranged in the direction of the pipe axis are designed so that the pipe to be laid can be clamped, moved horizontally and connected to an already laid pipe in one operation. This guarantees safe transport and precise installation. By operating the shifting device, the pipes can be brought together by means of hydraulics with the pipe gripper. The closing force of the pipe gripper is variably adjustable, and thanks to a slewing gear, the pipe gripper can also be rotated hydraulically infinitely. The pipe grab is recommended for use on excavators with a hydraulic quick coupling system, as this ensures easy and quick attachment of the attachment.

Carrier service weight: 18-27 to
Max. feed: 5,8 to
Payload: max. 6 to
Operating pressure turning: max. 320 bar
Operating pressure opening / closing: max. 200 bar
Weight incl. small shells: 1065 kg
Weight incl. large shells: 1400 kg
– Closing force variably adjustable
– Manual height adjustment
– PU wear plates on the shells and supports
– Rotating device can be rotated continiously hydraulically
– Changeable shells
incl. patented shifting device that can be operated by pipelayer, 200mm shifting range, max. 58 kN at 180 bar, load-holding valve


Small shells
– Griping range: 300-600 mm
– Max. load capacity: 2000 kg


Large shells
– Griping range: 600-1400 mm
– Max. load capacity: 4000 kg



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