Predatore Machines – Rental

The Predatore rental park offers innovative attachment technology from bucket separators to add-on compactors, crushers, drillers, PG45 pipe grabs and carrier equipment (mobile and tracked excavators with fully hydraulic quick coupling system, wheel loaders, etc.). The attachments are assembled individually to meet your requirements on the construction site and are available with all common adaptations (hydraulic quick couplers OilQuick/Likufix, Volvo, Lehnhoff, Verachtert, Atlas, SMP, etc.) and sizes.

Whether you want to increase your own machine park, absorb order peaks, or for testing on your construction site, we are happy to assist you with our expertise and our machines.


Model Size
Separator PX-Series 1,5-14 t
Separator PS-Series 4-30 t
Separator PP-Series 8-38 t
Separator PL-Series 10-50 t


Model Size
Compactor HD125/HD140 1,5-10 t
Compactor HD200 5-20 t
Compactor HD500 5-10 t
Compactor HD800 7-20 t
Compactor HD1000 7-20 t
Compactor HD1200 15-30 t
Compactor HD1400 14-40 t
Compactor HD1500 / HD2000 20-60 t
Universal-/Rohrzonenverdichter HD200 TL/TS 10-60 t
Compactor HD1200 SP passend für Spundwandkemme 15-30 t


Model Size
Crusher XC8 8-11 t
Crusher XC9 10-13 t
Crusher XC13 13-16 t
Crusher XC19 16-21 t
Crusher XC21 20-25 t
Crusher XC24 24-33 t
Crusher XC29 28-38 t