Civil engineering according to today’s specifications requires not only powerful equipment but also efficient site planning and organisation. Whether in road, sewer and pipeline construction, or for earthmoving—swapping equipment in a fully automated way is an important prerequisite for economic calculations and improving competitiveness in tenders.

With up to 100 tool changes a day on civil engineering sites, a quick-coupling system is indispensable, because a fully hydraulic OilQuick Quick Coupler not only reduces the changeover time, but also expands the excavator’s scope of applications. This means that machine utilisation can be increased by up to 90% and the productivity of the machine park by an average of 30%.

By attaching an OilQuick Quick Coupling System, every excavator becomes a multifunctional implement platform that has the right implement ready for every job. Coupling and uncoupling is done in seconds directly from the driver’s cab.
The OilQuick range offers the right quick coupler or adapter for every carrier from 1 to 120 tonnes and every attachment.
For maximum occupational safety and comfort: To prevent accidents at work caused by falling tools, OilQuick has developed various safety features: – Visual indicator MRL – GREEN! Indicates whether the quick coupler is correctly closed, independently of sensors and electronics.
OILQUCK App – Digital helper for smartphone or tablet, offering popular features such as a digital maintenance plan, ordering spare parts and various video tutorials.


The OilQuick partner programme for certified safety
Safety comes first. To be able to guarantee this, OilQuick introduced the Clean System Seal in 2019. Dealers and rental fleets voluntarily undertake not to combine OilQuick quick couplers with products from other manufacturers and to use only original spare parts.

OILQUICK Quick Coupling Systems for excavators

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OILQUICK Quick-Coupling Systems for wheel loaders

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