The robust and practical design of Predatore HD Proline compactors is based on more than 20 years of experience in road construction and civil engineering.

Developed by professionals for professionals and tested for years of daily use, the versatile mounted compactors are indispensable on every construction site. Their wide range of applications makes them genuinely versatile tools that are easy and safe to operate and guarantee uniform, high-quality compaction performance. There is no better way to compact soil compaction more effectively and efficiently. Sewer construction without mounted compactors is no longer economical, saving costs is only possible with technology. The mounted compactors of the HD Proline series ensure better utilisation of the carrier equipment, as well as cost-optimised compaction (additional personnel are not required), and significant time savings. An investment that guarantees optimum added value and with it a quick return. Further advantages of the compressor series are their state-of-the-art technology in compliance with the stricter legal regulations with regard to vibrations and exhaust gases. The vertically arranged damping elements make sure everything runs impressively smoothly. The directional vibration ensures maximum power transmission into the ground while minimising vibrations on the excavator arm and in the cab.

The compactors of the HD Proline series are available in numerous sizes and equipment (frequency controller, slewing gear, extension plates, etc.) for excavators with an operating weight of 1.5 to 60 t.

KOMBI-Class with sheet pile clamps

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PIPE AREA Compactors

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